My Mind is a Chessboard

April 23rd, 2014

My mind is a chessboard. I am trying to capture the king, maneuvering my pieces in as efficient a manner as possible. Translating complicated board states into finely detailed works of art, In tact with their colors and rhythms. Swaying through time as the hands on a clock, spinning hopelessly in their own world. Unraveling the aether is my queens job. She gleams and shines, reams and rhymes, creating beautiful statues out of my twisted sketches. Moving the rest of the palace with the flick of her finger. We move through the thoughts together, attempting to conquer the unconquerable, weaving and bobbing across the multiverse. Finding the ends to a mean isn’t always easy. While my thoughts may provoke actions, the result is rarely as cold cut as a win or a loss. With teamwork and friendship anything is possible. When running into battle, never be alone. Although this message is occasionally stupefied on televisions in front of the masses, my queen never let’s me forget it; without her, greatness is not possible.